What is the difference between the regular and the Deluxe fat blaster?

The Deluxe fat blaster has additional vitamins that increase energy and suppress appetite.

Is it safe to take the fat burners while on the Adipex?

Yes, the fat burners are not stimulants.

How much is the Adipex at the Pharmacy?

The generic is about $8 - 11, the brand name is about $60 -80.

What ingredients are in the Semaglutide (brand name Wegovy®/Ozempic® shot?

It is Semaglutide compounded with B12.

What is the difference between Wegovy® and Ozempic®?

Wegovy® is a medication for overweight and obesity BMIs, Ozempic® is a type-2 diabetes medication. The ingredient - Semaglutide- is the same, however, Wegovy® is available in slightly higher doses.

Is the Semaglutide worth the price? How long does it usually take to see results?

Yes, it absolutely is. It is "weight loss surgery without the surgery" - and non-invasive! Most patients see results in the first month. We recommend a minimum of 3 - 6 months of treatment. Depending on your goals, it could be a as long as 12 months.

What are the side effects for Semaglutide?

The most common side effects are fatigue and nausea. However, it is different for every patient.

The Semaglutide is a lot of money, is there something else I can take that is similar to help with weight loss?

We offer oral options, such as QSYMIA. Please consult with our provider to find the best weight loss solution for your budget.

Is the Semaglutide going to go up in price?

Our price depends on the sourcing costs. The demand for Semaglutide is very high at the moment, so most likely we have to adjust our pricing as well.

What is the required BMI?

Minimum BMI is >=27.

Will I lose weight on Semaglutide or Adipex guaranteed?

There is absolutely no legal or safe medication that will overcome a bad diet and exercise. The patients in clinical trials who did best cut an average of 500 calories per day and committed to 150 minutes of exercise per week. The lifestyle changes must accompany the medication for long-term success!

I take a vitamin of B12 that I got from over-the counter (OTC), can I still get a B12 shot?

Yes, you can. Many OTC products are not well absorbed.

My family was prescribed two pills and they have great results, do you know which pills they were, so I can take them?

We recommend consulting with our provider which weight loss solution is best for YOU.

Is there anything that can help with weight loss besides taking a prescription? My body doesn't do well on certain medications, and I don't like needles.

We can refer to our partners. We work with a nutritionist and partner with local gyms.

Is there a referral program?

Shed It! currently does not have a referral program.

How long do appointments usually last?

Appointment usually last about 10 -15 mins depending on your individual needs.

I am 17 years old. Can I also get a prescription?

We do not treat patients under 18 with prescription medication at this time but are happy to refer to our partners in nutrition and exercise.

Are my children allowed to come with me to my appointment?

Yes, of course. They must be supervised, however.