Megan Mabery Filer

Offers nutrition workshops free for our patients.

Megan Mabery Filer has been a practicing registered dietitian in Shreveport, Louisiana for the past eight years. Megan graduated from Louisiana Tech University, where she completed her master's in nutrition science. She has been actively practicing as a clinical registered dietitian with a focus in oncology (cancer) and bariatric (surgical weight loss) nutrition counseling and support. She is passionate about working with patients to provide detailed strategies that will result in robust, cost effective and lasting life-style changes. Megan's experience with medical weight loss in the clinical setting included a variety of dietary and surgical interventions; counseling pa. Her knowledge delivery addresses the dynamic challenges of managing unintended weight gain and the co-morbid conditions that ensure. Megan has conducted research regarding eating behaviors and successful long-term weight loss and seeks to employ a variety of modalities to assist patient's in claiming their health and wellness.

Megan will hold a one hour workshop every last Thursday of the month at noon at the clinic. This service comes free to our patients.

Megan also offers individual nutrition counseling sessions at a discounted rate for our patients.

Learn How to Eat After Weight Loss

Work with a local nutritionist in Bossier City, LA

The sad truth is that roughly 90 percent of people who lose weight gain it back eventually. You don't have to fit into this grim statistic. Shed It! Weight Loss Center, LLC offers nutritional consulting services so you can find success after weight loss. You'll meet with a local nutritionist in our Bossier City, LA center. Together, you'll go over the importance of eating right and staying healthy for life.

Keep off your pounds and work with our nutritionist and discover how simple maintenance can be. In addition, we partner with local meal prep businesses.

Take advantage of our consulting services

One of the hardest parts of weight loss is maintaining it. Old habits slowly slip back into your routine, and before you know it, you're right back where you started. By working with a local nutritionist at Shed It! Weight Loss Center, LLC, we help you learn how to eat so it almost feels effortless.

Not sure about nutritional consulting services? By working with a professional, you can:

  • Find a healthy relationship with food
  • Stay motivated throughout your journey
  • Manage chronic diseases
  • Live a healthier lifestyle

Our nutritionist in Bossier City LA is ready to help you. Reach out to schedule an appointment. We're excited to meet you.