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Visualize A Healthier You


DXA correlated body fat percentage including lean and fat mass


Full 360 degree image and hundreds of measurements from a 35 second scan


Proprietary and university-backed body shape algorithms show wellness based on body mass distribution


Automatically captures total body weight and balance

- Advanced Body Composition Analysis for Women

Track Your Progress

The Fit3D scanner is designed to accurately track data such as circumference measurements, body composition, body shape rating, basal metabolic rate (BMR), lean muscle mass, posture analytics, weight, balance, and more, while displaying this information in a dashboard on any internet-enabled device.

After stepping onto the machine’s circular platform, users hold onto handles while it gently rotates for about a minute so that the non-invasive scanner can create a full-body, 3D silhouette avatar of them. Once a baseline is established, the data can be used to compare users to others based on gender and age; subsequent scans can be used to track weight loss progress.


We Set You Up For Success


The Fit3D scanner enables you to track your health data over time, helping you see trends and measure the effectiveness of your fitness or rehabilitation programs.


Each scan generates a personalized report highlighting progress and areas needing attention, providing insights to tailor your health strategies effectively.


By visualizing changes in your body shape and fitness levels through a 3D avatar, you can stay motivated and engaged as you see tangible, trackable results from your wellness journey.

Precision Measurements With Minimal Error

Consistent And Accurate

The main Fit3d Body Scan girth measurements are taken in the same place each scan, minimising the effect of measurement error that can occur when a trainer/coach takes your measurements with a measuring tape. Where possible, the measurement locations follow the advice of the World Health Organisation. The location of these measures may differ from where you have taken your girth measurements in the past. The infrared camera takes over 1200 photos to create these accurate measurements

A complete body assessment includes the following and so much more:

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  • It takes over 1200 photos of you using 3 infrared cameras’
  • Over 400 measurements are generated
  • Results are available within minutes
  • The posture report will be available within 24 hours
  • Same technology as Microsoft Kinect, used in millions of households world-wide
  • No electrical signals or current
  • Artificial implants and pace makers are safe
  • Increased motivation – with increased accountability
  • Give members non-biased, independent results
  • 24/7 online access – no loose bits of paper
  • Education tool for body composition and posture
  • Wear skin-tight clothing
  • Do not exercise 3 hours before your test
  • If you have long hair, you will need to tie it up in a bun
  • Do not have a large meal or drink copious amounts within 2 hours of your test
  • Stay as still as possible without touching handles while capturing weight
  • Lift handles and keep arms as straight as possible
  • Once scan has started, do not let go of the buttons until scan is complete
  • During scan take short shallow breaths to keep body movement to a minimum
  • Keep head and neck as still as possible during the scan
  • Don't move or release the buttons until you hear a chime indicating the scan is complete

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