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Fit 3D Scanner

The Fit3D scanner is designed to accurately track data such as circumference measurements, body composition, body shape rating, basal metabolic rate (BMR), lean muscle mass, posture analytics, weight, balance and more, while displaying this information in a dashboard on any internet enabled device.

After stepping onto the machine’s circular platform, patients hold onto handles while it gently rotates for about a minute so that the non-invasive scanner can create a full body, 3D silhouette avatar of themselves. Once a baseline is established, the data can be used to compare patients to others based on gender and age; subsequent scans can be used to track weight loss progress.

Every patient of Shed It! receives a free monthly body scan to track their progress. For walk-ins, we only charge $40

We Set You Up For Success!

  • Health Trend Analysis: The Fit3D scanner enables you to track your health data over time, helping you see trends and measure the effectiveness of your fitness or rehabilitation programs.
  • Customized Fitness Reports: Each scan produces a personalized report that highlights areas of progress and areas that might need more focus, giving you the insights needed to tailor your health strategies effectively.
  • Trackable Results: By visualizing changes in your body shape and fitness levels through a 3D avatar, you can stay motivated and engaged as you see tangible, trackable results from your wellness journey.

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